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Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys 

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are a separate breed of Donkey originating from the islands of Sardinia & Sicily. 

Now almost extinct in their native land, these adorable animals are a popular pet and proving very popular for their sweet natures. 

To discover if Miniature Donkeys are right for you please find out more information on the British Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association.

If after perusing the MMDA website and discovering all about Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys you are keen to explore ownership & can offer a loving home, than please get in contact for an informal chat to see what we have available. 

All of our ‘Dinky Donks’ are fully registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. They are vet health checked, vaccinated and wormed. We have a breeding programme and have a registered Miniature Stud who will be available for service from April 2021. 

Pedigree Miniatures are in high demand, quite expensive and difficult to come by. But, if you are looking for ‘donkeys’ generally, than please contact the Donkey Sanctuary who have donkeys for adoption and rehoming that may suit your circumstances better. The Donkey Sanctuary are an excellent resource and you will find them at

Mr Dinky our new born Miniature Mediterranean Donkey of 2020 has received quite a lot of publicity this year with many requests for him to appear in magazines and appearing in the National Daily Mail News Paper. 

As well as being home to the worlds smallest breed of donkey Dinky Donks is also home to the worlds largest breed of donkey the ‘American Mammoth Jackstock’. Benji our American Mammoth is 16hh which is pretty impressive for a donkey, towering above Mr Dinky, who may grow up to be 34” in his lifetime. Across the Atlantic Benji’s breed is used commonly for trail riding due to their calm adhering natures. 

There are only a handful of American Mammoth Jackstocks in the UK. We are very lucky to have Benji who helps out around the farm & enjoys being ridden, pulling a cart & helping out with agricultural tasks on the steeper land where it is difficult to use vehicles.