Andes Alpacas

Home of the Berry Valley Herd & Dinky Donks

History of Alpacas

Alpacas are a domesticated animal & originate from the Andes in South America. They have been around for more than five thousand years & originate from experimental reproduction of Guanaco & Vicuna. Alpacas are just one member of five species of the camelid family that includes Llama, Camels, Vicuna & Guanaco. 

If you are considering if Alpacas are right for you, first of all learn all you can about them by visiting the BAS website

Considering Alpaca Ownership?

Andes Alpacas provides Training and an Introduction to Alpaca Care & Management for all aspiring owners.

Andes Alpacas Trainer is a DFE Registered Teacher, Former Lecturer, Professionally Qualified Vocational Trainer, Assessor & Internal Verifier with many years of experience as an Alpaca Farmer both breeding, rearing & establishing businesses. 

For Sale

We Offer excellent quality pregnant females, females with cria at foot, starter herds, gelding pet males and stud males for sale in a range of colours and prices to suit all budgets whether large or small. 

If you have perused the BAS website  and feel that alpaca ownership is for you, than we are more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Welcome to the world of ‘Alpaca’, we must warn you it can become quite addictive!

At Andes Alpacas we offer something to suit all budgets from pets, lawnmowers, trekking animals, superfine fibre producers through to award winning show animals with elite genetics. 

Andes Alpacas focus on breeding quality friendly animals that are bred for fleece fineness, density, correct conformation & sweet character.

Contact us for availability or to arrange a general chat to discover the reality of alpaca ownership & all that is involved in the upkeep of these beautiful animals.